Smart Galleries

Smart Galleries are the ideal way to let customers, clients, and home buyers conceptualize the space. Our accurate floor plans come alive when paired with beautiful photography.

Still Photography Copyright: Judson Brady Photography,

Still Photography Copyright: Mike Payne Photography

How Are Floor Plans Created?

You DO NOT need to supply a floor plan. We digitally re-create the space’s floor plan with stunning accuracy using the data we collect from our 3D Cameras. That information is then re-drawn into a 2D image. The floor plan can include room names and measurements if desired.

Why Upgrade to a Smart Gallery?

By upgrading to a smart gallery, you are giving your customers, clients, or home buyers the absolute best way to conceptualize the space. Understanding the photo perspective as it relates to the floor plan makes a huge impression.

Which Devices Does it Work With?

At this time, the floor plan will only appear on desktops and laptops not mobile devices.